At SyncWind Power Limited, we 'Synchronise the Wind' directly into the grid.


SyncWind Power Limited and its engineers create quality and reliable solutions for renewable wind power and grid stability to support a cost-effective transition to the zero-emissions future.


The SyncWind Power Limited company-logo symbolises, that SyncWind excels at harnessing and directly 'Synchronising the Wind' into the grid.



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Products and Services

SyncWind. has patents and designs for two main products and offers engineering services across the production and operation phases of product life.



SyncWind. has two main products, each of which provides world-leading benefits:

  1. The patented synchronous power-train for multi-MW and mid-size wind turbines

  2. The Windflow™ 500 turbine with either the 33 m (class 1A) or 45 m (class 2A) rotor

Follow the links above for detailed information about each product. Our products are cost-effective, because they eliminate the need for power electronics, they enable simple, robust and efficient synchronous generators, and have superior power-to-weight ratios. They have proven themselves in two of the most demanding wind regimes in the world, New Zealand’s Manawatu Saddle and the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.

SyncWind. has a wide range of wind turbine engineering experience available to support these products, as well as others tailored to your requirements. Please see our Engineering Services below. For example the proven 2-bladed, teetering, 500 kW rotors, which have the best power-to-weight ratios in their respective classes, are (like the synchronous power-train) scalable to multi-megawatt turbines, including very large (5 - 10 MW) offshore wind turbines. SyncWind. would welcome enquiries about its pitch-teeter coupling (PTC) and teeter control system (TCS) technologies that are key to the success of its 2-bladed teetering designs.

SyncWind.’s solution was awarded the Efficient Solution Label by the Solar Impulse Foundation, Switzerland, of which SyncWind is a member.

Efficient Solution Label, Solar Impulse Foundation, Switzerland


Engineering Services

SyncWind. director Geoff Henderson is a professional engineer, registered in the State of California (USA), and a Fellow of Engineers New Zealand.  He has decades of experience in the international wind industry and can assist your company to achieve the benefits of SyncWind.’s products.

Past projects by Windflow Technology Ltd are testament to our commitment to quality, and to the robustness of our cost-effective certified wind turbines that have extensive, ongoing field experience in arduous conditions. These include our wind farms in high wind sites in New Zealand (Gebbies Pass and Te Rere Hau) and Scotland. See our project gallery for photos.

The Windflow™ 33-500 has been independently certified by Lloyd's Register (class 1A to IEC 61400-1:2008, Edition 3) and has a track-record of more than 1000 turbine-years of synchronous wind power operation at over 95% availability. This means low risk to you and your project, and more confidence in financing.

SyncWind. will work with wind farm developers, wind turbine manufacturers and power-train component suppliers. If you are interested in SyncWind.’s products as a possible solution to your short-term or longer-term needs, please contact us with your enquiry.




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