At SyncWind Power Limited, we 'Synchronise the Wind' directly into the grid.


SyncWind Power Limited and its engineers create quality and reliable solutions for renewable wind power and grid stability to support a cost-effective transition to the zero-emissions future.


The SyncWind Power Limited company-logo symbolises, that SyncWind excels at harnessing and directly 'Synchronising the Wind' into the grid.



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Please see the latest SyncWind. press releases, news and articles:


Grid stability in the media

The issue of grid stability is widely covered in the media. Geoff Henderson's article Grid stability with renewables? Yes, Wind can! (updated 17.5.2021) had been published in an earlier version in some media:

In addition to Geoff Henderson's article Grid stability with renewables? Yes, Wind can! (updated 17.5.2021), we recommend the following readings:


Here are a few selected publications on the issue of grid stability, which do not include the solution offered by SyncWind. and do not represent the view of SyncWind.. With the solution offered by SyncWind., these articles could be regarded as partly outdated. However, they do display both, the problem and the need for a better solution.

Please contact us regarding any questions about these articles, news and the issue of grid stability in general.



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